I started trying to sell some of my older dolls in an effort to get some others for my collection. I found that I needed other items to help pay for table space at doll shows, so I started carrying small things like tea sets and small teddy bears. Gradually more things were added.

Eventually I got this web site. A real shopping cart seemed unrealistic, since my inventory is so small. That helps keep costs reasonable, so I can sell my products at attractive prices. For the same reason, credit cards are impractical. If you prefer to use a credit card, I can arrange payment through PayPal at no additional cost to you.

Sometimes I can adjust prices for larger orders. Ask!

If you want to order: e-mail Judy at EmersonDolls@gmail.com with your item numbers. Be sure to include your ZIP Code so we can calculate mailing cost accurately. Most things are mailed Priority Mail and insured. Small orders may be mailed first class. Note that the response may come from Judy's personal e-mail account.

The web site is maintained by my husband, so we can quickly change it as inventory is depleted or new items are added. If you find problems with the site, kindly send an e-mail to JEMER1534@JUNO.COM

Thank you for visiting our web site!