Mystic Kids®: Ball Jointed Dolls
We are adding Mystic Kids to our web site on a trial basis.

Mystic Kids Verdin YOSD
Verdin is an 11" tall hard plastic doll with factory face up from China.
Introductory offer:
As pictured with outfit, wig, blue eyes, and shoes: #MK-V Price: $210.00

Naked with eyes: #MK-V-2 Price: $170.00
Naked with eyes and wig: #MK-V-3 Price: 185.00

Verdin fits Boneka size 24 clothing. Check our Boneka pages.
Our Frog Shoes on the Other Clothing page fit Verdin.

Click for face
detail view


Click for body
detail view

Extra 14 mm eyes available in blue, green, and brown.
Specify color.
#Mystic-eyes. Price: $7.00 pair.

Wig size: 6.5". We have some Monique® wigs in size 6-7 that fit Verdin.

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