Ruby Red Galleria®: Ball Jointed Dolls
Designed by Ruby Yuan

We are currently adding Bleuette clothing by RubyRed to our web site.

Bleuette Clothing

2 piece
underwear set

#RRG EC0025A
Price $24.90

Velvet Flower
Outfit only

#RRG EC0026B
Price $60.90

Bleuette Shoes

Brown leather shoes

Price: $33.90

White leaather flats

Price: $33.90

Red leather shoes

Price: $33.90

Pink leather shoes with embroidery

Price: $33.90

Brown leather shoes with embroidery

Price: $33.90

Brown & white leaather low boots

Price: $36.90

We are providing a picture of Bleuette's dimensions for the Ruby Red Galleria repro doll. If you are purchasing a Bleuette outfit for a different manufacturer's doll, this will give you a way to assess how the outfit will fit.

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