Ruby Red Galleria®: Ball Jointed Dolls
Designed by Ruby Yuan

       RubyRed "In Motion" doll clothing.

      Additional outfits for these 12 inch dolls can be found on our Senson dolls page.

Outfits for 12" In Motion dolls
D'Autome Verte

Price: $57.90

Fashion Runway - Party Tonight!

Price: $52.90

Kiss The Sun

Price $60.90

Classical Love

Price $60.90

Forrest Green Coat

Price $41.90

Eyes and wig for In Motion dolls
Acrylic Eyes
#RRG-EY01A Blue
#RRG-EY01B Hazel
#RRG-EY01C Green
#RRG-EY01D Brown
Price $5.90 pair
See note about Monique wigs at bottom of page.

Shoes for the In Motion dolls!
Brown high heel sandals

Price: $18.90

Dark brown wedge sandals

Price: $21.90

Black sneakers with red laces

Price: $24.90

Black & White flats

Price: $21.90

Silver high heel sandals

Price: $20.90

Black high heel sandals

Price: $20.90

Black lace up boots

Price: $27.90

Tan espadrilles

Price: $20.90

WIGS: We carry some Monique Wigs (synthetic mohair) in sizes 5-6 and smaller to fit the RubyRed dolls ranging in price from $17.95 to $21.95. Styles include Ciara, Evelyn, Ginger, Hannah, Natalie, Pretty Girl, and Roxie. Colors vary. E-mail us.

CLOTHES & SHOES: We have some other clothing and really cute Frog Shoes (like Crocs)
                   for 12" BJDs on our Clothes: BJD and Other page.

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