Dolls by Berenguer®

2010 large play dolls

All-vinyl 9 1/2 inch Babies
Available in pink or blue trimmed sleepers or new teddy bear rompers, these dolls have painted hair and come with their cap and "Newborn" blanket.

Hispanic in sleeper
List: $20.00
Sale price $15.00
African American in sleeper
List: $20.00
Sale price $15.00
Asian in sleeper
List: $20.00
Sale price $15.00
Dolls in new rompers
African American
List: $25.00
Sale price $18.75
in new romper


List: $25.00
Sale price $18.75

Specialty 9 1/2 inch Collector Dolls
Dolls have soft, weighted bodies, vinyl limbs and hand-rooted mohair.

Magical Moon
Accessories: personalized blanket and tiny moon toy
was $60.00
Sale price: $45.00
Shooting Star
Accessories: personalized blanket and elasticized bracelet
was $60.00
Sale price: $45.00

Clothing for 9 1/2 inch Baby Dolls

Knit Outfits
6 pieces:

top, pants,
hat, & booties!

Knit Outfits
Pink or Blue

Pink: #BER-R30
Blue: #BER-R32

Outfit assortment 1

2 rompers,
2 caps,
1 bunting,
and 1 diaper!
Assortment 1
Specify pink
or blue!


Outfit assortment 2

1 short romper,
1 full romper,
1 cap, 1 bib,
1 blanket,
and 1 diaper!
Assortment 2
Specify pink
or blue!


Outfit assortment 3

4 rompers,
1 blanket ,
and 1 diaper!
Assortment 3
Multicolor only.


Do you dress your baby
for Halloween?

Perhaps you'd like one of these
cute costume outfits! These fit
your 9 to 10" Berenguer babies.
Chick outfit only.


Cow outfit only.


Horse outfit only.


All-vinyl 5 inch Boutique Babies
Available in pink only.
These dolls have painted hair
and come in their own bootie!
Doll in
pink outfit
and bootie.


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