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You've found our size selector page for the amazingly beautiful and well-made Boneka clothes! We chose to arrange the site by size because you need the right size for your particular doll. Farther down the page is a chart trying to point you to the appropriate size clothing. If your doll isn't listed in the table, don't give up! If you send us measurements, we'll try to find the size. If you know the Boneka size but the doll isn't listed, we'd love to add your information to our table! With our thanks!
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Boneka sizes for various
dolls: see table below.

Boneka clothing sizes for various popular dolls
Dress size
Dress size
Shoe size Head
Jane Davies cloth156
Tiny Betsy McCall166 1/420JD135
Kish: Tatem1815.26
Kish: Tomkin1815.26
Kish: Riley18725X or 25N124 3/4
Wendy Lawton 7"187
Maciak Jenny & Lexie 8"1972513.55 1/4
Ginny 8"20825166 1/4
Krippelbush Kids20825156
Madam Alexander 8"208145 1/2
Paulinette 8"20835X156
Susan Wakeen208145 1/2
Heidi Plusczok Patsi 8.5"22935N156
Heidi Plusczok Porcelain 9"22937156
Luna Baby 9"22925145 1/2
Plusczok Cloth Dolls22930145 1/2
Wendy Lawton 9"22925156
Effner vinyl Tuesday's Child241037N187
Pluszcok Candy 10.5"241038N187
Effner vinyl Monday's Child251038N
Effner vinyl Thursday's Child251038N
Kish Bitty Bethany251045X166 1/4
Linda, Ann Estelle251045X208
Penelope 10"25PT10PT40X156
Effner New Porcelain Dolls281145X208
Kish Bethany281145208
Kish French Kids281145X187
Plusczok Wendy 12"281142N18.57.2
Tiny Kitty28 lady11NA114 3/8
Betsy McCall 14"301250X229
Kish BJD 14"361257N
Tyler, Alex40 lady16NA166 1/4
Jo, White Balloon Kish40PT16PT65AA249 1/2
Sasha40PT16PT65X2610 1/4
Magic Attic / Carpatina4417
Kish Marley50070N34


As it was told to me.....

There's a story behind Boneka clothes

As a young woman, Rosemarie Ionker recieved a Masters Degree in dress design and production, and participated in fashion shows throughout Germany. After her marriage to Otto, an employee of the Singer Sewing Machine Company, they lived in several locations throughout southeast Asia. There Rosemarie developed her own line of childrens' clothing: Petite Mignon. While the family lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, Rosemarie taught local and expatriate women dressmaking skills. She also became involved in various social work opportunities.

Reassigned to Jakarta years later, Rosemarie was approached by some of the women she previously taught who were looking for work. Many had married and were second wives to Moslem men, a position with few privileges. Some sought a way to better support and educate their children, others desired financial security. Rosemarie began teaching more women sewing and embroidery skills. They began to create doll clothing for markets in southeast Asia as Petite Creations.

Her father had the idea of looking for a market for the doll clothes in Europe. The Ionker garage became a workshop until 1987 when the family was transferred back to Europe. They were able to rent a place in Jakarta to keep the women working.

Rosemarie travels to Jakarta 2 or 3 times a year to work with the women on designs for new outfits. In 2001 they finally built their own premises. Petite Creations has produced collections of doll clothing for many manufacturers in Europe and the U.S., and for doll artists such as Wendy Lawton, Jane Davies, Kathe Kruse and Heidi Plusczok.

In 1995 Rosemarie's daughter Claudia started the Boneka Doll Fashion Company to handle distribution. Since then she has expanded to include doll shoes and other accessories. Boneka fashions are known for their beautiful detailing: embroidery, smocking, applique, trims and linings.

The management of The Emerson Doll Cupboard is proud to carry Boneka clothing, supporting a company developed and run by women.

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