CLOTHES by various makers to fit 14" to 16" BJDs
(such as Goodreau, Kish and Wilde Imagination)
Capri Suit
3 piece brown outfit with capris, bustier and jacket.


CLOTHES by Kaleigh Rose Designs to fit 12" BJDs
(such as Senson and Creedy).
Matching set
Knit Tshirt and thigh-high stockings.


Matching set
Knit Tshirt and thigh-high stockings.


Light brown "velour look"skirt

#KR Sk-tan

Red "vinyl wet-look" skirt

#KR Sk-r

Frog Shoes to fit dolls about 12" tall, with feet about
40 mm long and 20 mm wide at ball of foot.
Frog shoes
Currently available in
red, blue, green and taupe.
Specify color.

$9.00 per pair

Note: These shoes
are made of vinyl
so they are a bit
forgiving on size.

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